The 5 Best Wireless Headphones for TVs – Winter 2019

Sometimes you just want to enjoy your movies at full volume without bothering your neighbors or the people around you. Furthermore like most listeners, you may prefer a wireless headset so you can comfortably watch movies from your couch without worrying about range, cables, and extension cords.

We’ve tested 117 wireless headphones and below are our top recommendations for the best wireless TV headphones of 2019. If you’re interested in wired TV headphones, see our recommendations here.

The best wireless TV headphones are the Astro A50. The A50 have a bunch of features that make them great for gaming but also a good option for watching TV. They have a low latency wireless connection with a good range, a sturdy build quality and a comfortable design with decently breathable pads so that your ears do not get too warm during the longer listening sessions.

They have a lot of connection options that will work with your TV and home theater system like optical in and out, USB, and line-in so you can use a regular AUX cable plugged into your TV or speaker. They also have dock charging, which makes them a bit more convenient than the SteelSeries Arctis 7 or the HyperX Cloud Flight, especially if you want to display them next to your console or TV.

Overall, the A50 may not be the ideal choice for all users that just want a wireless TV headset since they have a pretty cumbersome mic that’s not detachable or retractable. However, if you only care about getting a good TV watching experience and are also a gamer, then the A50 are the best option for both use cases.