Mpow H5

The Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling are decent mixed usage headphones with an above-average sound for their budget price tag. They are not quite as budget as the Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear 059, but they look and feel more premium and have better sound quality. They’re also noise canceling headphones but unfortunately, their ANC is not strong enough for canceling the ambient noise of most commutes and noisy environments. They’re also a bit tight on the head, but on the upside, they have decent battery life, an easy-to-use control scheme and a unique look that will work for some.

The Mpow H5 have decent and straightforward wireless over-ear design with unique ear cup backplates that make them stand out a bit more. They have an above average build quality that feels decently durable and looks more premium than the Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear 059. They also have an easy to use control scheme and a decently comfortable over-ear fit although they can be a bit tight on the head. This makes them somewhat stable enough for some physical activities but they may get a bit uncomfortable during long listening sessions and they won’t be the ideal option for sports. On the upside, they fold to be more compact and come with a pretty portable carrying case which is nice.

Mpow H5 Design Picture 2

The Mpow H5 are simple over-ears with a unique backplate design for their ear cups. The headband is relatively wide and low profile once on your head, and the cups are fairly small and do not protrude like some of the other over-ears we’ve tested. The plastic used in their build quality looks fairly well-made and decently high-end for their price. However, the unique backplate, which might work for some, is glossy and somewhat clashes with the rest of the design. It makes the headphones feel a bit cheap overall which would have looked much more premium if it was a matte coating like the headband and hinges. Overall, they look decently well made and feel a lot more expensive than the Mpow 059.

7.0 Comfort

Mpow H5 Comfort Picture

Weight : 0.5 lbs
Clamping Force

: 1.2 lbs

The Mpow H5 are decently comfortable over-ears but they’re a bit tight on the head. They’re lightweight and decently well-padded especially the headband. The earpads are a bit stiff but not enough to be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the cups themselves are not very spacious and the headband is a little too tight on the head for some. The tight fit may loosen over time, with regular use, but out-of-the-box they won’t be as comfortable as some of the other over-ears we’ve tested.

7.3 Controls

Mpow H5 Controls Picture

Ease of use : Good
Feedback : Above-average
Call/Music Control : Yes
Volume Control : Yes
Microphone Control : No
Channel Mixing

: N/A

Noise Canceling Control : Yes
Talk-Through : No
Additional Buttons : No

The control scheme of the Mpow H5 is simple and efficient. It provides all the necessary functions for a Bluetooth headphone; track-skipping, volume control, and a multi-purpose power/Bluetooth and call/music management button. There’s also an ANC switch on left ear cup to enable and disable the noise cancellation feature. The buttons all deliver decent feedback but they are slightly cramped on the bottom of the right ear cup but do not take long to get used to.