Dell S3219D

Dell S3219D Design Picture

The Dell S3219D is a decent 1440p VA monitor with mediocre picture quality. It has a high native contrast ratio that can deliver deep blacks in a dark room but cannot get very bright to fight bright room glare. It does not support HDR, and has disappointing viewing angles and poor out-of-the-box color accuracy. On the upside, the S3219D has excellent color gamut for normal use, good gray uniformity, and good reflection handling. It responds quickly to your actions due to its low input lag, and you can only see a small blur trail behind fast moving objects due to the fast pixel response time. It supports FreeSync for a tear-free gaming experience, but the refresh rate is limited to 75Hz, which will deter most serious gamers. Overall, it is a good entry-level gaming monitor.

The design of the Dell S3219D is decent. The entire design does not resemble a typical Dell monitor and looks plastic. It has a sturdy stand coated with a silver finish that supports the monitor well, and the overall build quality is good; you should have no issues with it. Unfortunately, the ergonomics are bad and you will have a hard time positioning the monitor comfortably. It is a very thin monitor, and it is a good choice if you plan to VESA mount it as it will not protrude at all.

Dell S3219D Stand picture


: 10.1″ (25.7 cm)


: 7.8″ (19.8 cm)

The stand is plastic with a flat base and a metal finish. It feels quite sturdy, provides good support to the monitor, and prevents wobbling.

1.7 Ergonomics

Dell S3219D Ergonomics picture

Height Adjustment

: N/A

Switch portrait/landscape : No
Swivel Range : N/A
Tilt Range : -10° to 5°

The ergonomics of the S3219D are terrible. Your only option is tilting and that is available only within a narrow range. You may have a hard time positioning the monitor in a comfortable position.

Dell S3219D Back picture

Wall Mount : VESA 100×100

The back of the monitor is plain. All of the inputs are housed in the opening where the stand is attached to the monitor. Cable management is serviced by the small opening on the back of the stand, as you can see here.

Dell S3219D Borders picture


The borders of the monitor are of average thickness and they will not please those who plan a multi-monitor setup. The glossy finish is prone to fingerprints.

Dell S3219D Thickness picture

Thickness (with stand)

The S3219D is a thin monitor. Both with the stand and without the stand, it ranks among the thinnest monitors we have tested so far. It will not protrude if you decide to VESA mount it.

7.5 Build Quality

Dell S3219D Build Quality picture

The build quality is good. Although entirely plastic, there are no gaps or loose ends, and just like most Dell monitors you should have no issues with it.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the S3219D is mediocre. It has a high native contrast ratio that allows it to display deep blacks in a dark room and good gray uniformity, which is great for browsing the web. Unfortunately, it cannot get very bright to fight room glare, and the viewing angles are disappointing, as expected from most VA panel monitors. The color gamut is very good for normal use, but not enough for those professionals in the publishing and printing industries. There is no support for HDR.

7.8 Contrast