Anker Soundcore Spirit X

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X are good sports headphones, versatile enough for most use cases. They have an above-average build quality that feels a lot more high-end than their price would suggest. They also have a decent sound with a lot bass, a comfortable and stable in-ear fit for the gym, and a better control scheme than the similarly designed Anker Soundbuds Curve. Unfortunately, like the Curve, they won’t be the best choice for loud, noisy environments, watching movies or gaming.

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X have a slightly improved design over the Anker SoundBuds Curve. The in-line remote and control scheme is a lot better with more spaced out and clicky buttons. The earbuds also look sleeker than the Curve, feel dense and durable, and are a bit more comfortable than typical in-ears. They also have an ear-hook design with additional stability fins, to make them more stable for working out and running. Unfortunately, the tips do tend to slide out of your ears from time to time, especially during more strenuous exercises which can get a bit annoying. They also have fairly thin cables that do not feel as durable as some of the other wireless in-ear/earbuds we’ve tested like the Bose SoundSport Wireless.

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Design Picture 2

The Anker Spirit X have a decent-looking, sporty aesthetic that looks and feels more premium than their price range would suggest. They have thick and flexible ear-hooks, and a more polished earbud design than the Anker Curve. They also have a better in-line remote. Unfortunately, like the Curve, they also have thin cables that do not seem as durable as some of the more expensive wireless sports headphones we’ve tested like the Fitbit flyer. This somewhat cheapens their design, and they also do not come in as many color schemes as most sport-oriented headphones. On the upside, their understated look will work for most.

7.5 Comfort

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Comfort Picture

Weight : 0.05 lbs
Clamping Force

The Anker Spirit X, like the Curve, are quite comfortable for in-ear headphones. The tips do not enter the ear canal as deeply as most in-ears, which makes them more comfortable and removes a bit of the soreness and pain some listeners experience during long listening sessions with in-ear headphones. Unfortunately, since they do not enter the ear canal as deeply, they tend to slide out of your ears sometimes and may need to be adjusted somewhat often, which may get a bit annoying. It’s not a big issue, but it’s more common when doing physical activity. Overall though, these headphones will be comfortable enough for most listeners.

7.5 Controls

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Controls Picture

Ease of use : Good
Feedback : Good
Call/Music Control : Yes
Volume Control : Yes
Microphone Control : No
Channel Mixing: N/A
Noise Canceling Control : N/A
Talk-Through : N/A
Additional Buttons : No

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X have a slightly better control scheme than the Anker Curve. The buttons are more responsive with clicky feedback and they’re better spaced out on the in-line remote. They also have a simple 3 button setup with no additional features. It’s an easy-to-use and efficient control scheme that provides all the essential functions; call/music, track skipping, and volume controls.